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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/12/2015


Vicki-Lea Boulter would never have predicted the success of her digital art. 'When I first started doing this, I wondered if it was going to be a successful niche market or if people would just think that this style was completely off the wall. I didn't know whether it would take off at all.' But Vicki-Lea has found success and constantly has a waiting list of clients who are looking for something just a little bit different; 'I feel like I've tapped into a market full of people who are quite nervous about having a traditional beauty shoot done. They wouldn't normally want to pose or to try to look pretty because that's just not who they are or what they're about.'

In particular the women that Vicki-Lea photographs are often individuals who are looking to gain confidence by having a portrait created. 'It's almost like therapy for many people I think!' Vicki-Lea tells me with a laugh. 'They come along to see what I can create about them and their personality. I want my images to be an illustration of the person that they really are. I don't just want to put their shell out there, I don't think that is who they are. My images aren't about reflecting a person's body, it's about looking past that and highlighting an emotion or an aspect of a personality.


It's the same for the children's portraits that Vicki-Lea creates too; 'I'm not really interested in stereotypes of what's beautiful - all kids are beautiful to me. They've all got something about them that's wacky and fun going on in their heads. It's all about finding out what they like doing and how they like to play. It might be what sort of super heroes they're into at the moment, or things that make them laugh, so the photos are about capturing their personalities at that particular time in their life. The pictures are about reflecting them and their personality so that they can look back and remember what they were into.' And these fantastical portraits have proved so popular that parents bring their children back time and time again! 'Because their tastes change so quickly, the parents are wanting to come back and capture the new phase that the kids are going through. It feels like some of the kids are a part of the family because they're at the studio all the time!'

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