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Published 01/06/2012


When Viktorija Vaisvilaite made the trip over from Lithuania to London for the Societies' Convention for the first time in 2010 she enjoyed the buzz and the experience so much that she vowed she would come back in 2011 to do it all again. Little was she to know at that time quite how special the Convention would be for her when she returned. Having entered the Awards in a number of categories her distinctive style of black and white photography captivated the judges and she ended up either winning or being placed in no fewer than seven of the categories, culminating in her being named runner-up to the Overall Photographer of the Year.

Slightly dazed by the whole experience Viktorija spent much of the Awards Night heading up to the stage to receive accolade after accolade and afterwards those who had judged her work were full of praise for her unique approach and were queuing up to sing her praises. It would have been an incredible experience for any photographer, but it was all the more remarkable for the fact that Viktorija has only been seriously into her craft for a mere three years to date, and it's obvious to all who look at her work that she is a natural talent.


"I have a feeling that it was not me searching for photography," she says," rather it was photography that came knocking on my door. I have always had an urge to search for things, to be creative and to share my discoveries. At first I was able to satisfy this need through studying history and psychology at university, but later, after I founded a Beauty and Image House in my native city of Klaipeda, image making swallowed me up. A camera always seemed to come into my hands to fulfil my need to express my sensations, and it felt so natural that I missed the moment when people around me made me a photographer. This way of searching for my answers is now my passion, my drive and my bliss, but it's not yet my craft. I am indulged in creation but I am still not aware if my profession is that of a photographer."

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