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by Stuart Wood Published 01/07/2016


Meet us in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

There are times when I actually stop and tell myself what a fabulous job I have. To get paid (reasonably!) well to do something that I absolutely adore, has to mean that I have achieved something with the time I have spent so far on this planet, doesn't it?

Last September I found myself thinking just this when I was given a wonderful commission from Prog Magazine, to go and shoot Swedish metal band Opeth for their rehearsals and outdoor performance at the incredible Roman amphitheatre at Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


n a modern world of corporate doughnut-shaped glass and metal arenas named after your mobile supplier, or some other such transient and meaningless cash-rich sponsor who believe me, could not care less about music or the arts just as long as you subscribe to their sanitised version of it at their premium prices, this surely stands out as one of the most spectacular 'real' venues left in the world.

Opeth were to play with an accomplished Argentinian conductor, a choir and full orchestra too, for a one-off and mouth-watering performance under an beautiful and early autumn evening that still required t-shirt only, without the necessity of the minimum muffled sweater cladding that would have been essential for such a risky venture back in good old Blighty at this late month in the calendar!

So, myself and the journalist, Izzy, flew early from Heathrow to hook up with the band at Frankfurt, where we then flew on to Sofia.

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1st Published 01/07/2016
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