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by Frank Doorhof Published 01/10/2013


"As with all my classes I never one hundred per cent know what I'm going to do," Frank confesses. "I always prepare my seminars with the images and theory I want to share in mind, but this can all change during the session itself if the group throws me certain questions or I get the feeling that they have a certain collective interest. My teaching style is designed to be as flexible as possible, but what I will promise is that you'll want to be there, because whatever your level is you'll come away with some tips and inspiration."

The first of Frank's workshops is on the Friday of the Convention and covers the technical aspects of shooting pictures of models, including tips on how to talk to those in front of the camera so that you can get the most out of them. "I'll basically be covering how to get the shot you want before you even press the shutter," says Frank. "It's all about mastering techniques such as careful metering, colour calibration and control of your lights, and it will be an intense seminar that is aimed at both the beginner and the more advanced photographer. I can guarantee that you'll find yourself coming away with information that you won't be able to find anywhere else."


On the Saturday Frank is covering the issue of styling on a budget, something very close to his heart, and once again there will be plenty here to appeal to those who are aspiring to a career shooting fashion.

"Styling, or the lack of it, is where many photo shoots go wrong," says Frank. "My feeling is that if you are shooting a models in just jeans and a tank top then you'd better be a lighting wizard because there's nothing interesting going on. I'll be using this seminar to share some tricks for styling a shoot so that your work can progress to the next level and beyond. Those who turn up should be prepared to be inspired to the max!"

Finally, on the Sunday Frank will be very much digging into his own experience to talk about street photography and the inspiration it can bring to your work. "This is one of the hottest subjects around at the moment," he says. "I'll be showing examples of my work and sharing tips, tricks and techniques to help people to get the most out of their travel photography."

With much to prepare and a busy schedule ahead of him, Frank isn't sure that he'll have a lot of spare time to get around the Convention himself, but he's still hoping to take the opportunity to catch a few seminars and to sit in on some workshops.

"Everything is just going really fast at the moment," he says, "and sometimes I have to pinch myself to check that I'm really awake! But I wouldn't have it any other way." And plans for the future? "I'd love to shoot some images for some celebrities I have in mind but, as with everything, it's just a matter of trying to find the time."

You can be sure that Frank's workshops will be packed full of eager delegates, all looking to come away with a nugget that can help move them on in their own careers, and with a history of great teaching behind him and a fabulous portfolio to share, Frank is one speaker whom you won't want to miss!

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