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by Khara Plicanic Published 10/10/2017

2. Learn, Baby, Learn!

Once you’ve pinpointed your weak spots, you can start addressing them. We live in an era of more accessible learning opportunities than ever before. The know-how to sharpen almost any skill set is at our finger-tips 24/7. Whether your learning style is best served with online tutorials, books and how-to articles, or live, in-person instruction – you’ve got options.

Great online resources such as CreativeLive (,Brit+Co (, Lynda (tps://, Udemy (, and SkillShare ( have a seemingly limitless course offerings.

Book lovers can find incredible knowledge bombs in various titles by authors such as Robin Williams, Ellen Lupton, Debbie Millman, David Airey, David Sherwin, and Beth Tondreau.


For those whose geography allows, the opportunity to attend live, in-person training can be life changing. Locally offered classes, workshops, and conferences can expose you to new ideas and possibilities in a real-time and more personal environment.

Whatever your learning style or resources allow, time and money spent improving and expanding your skill set, is seldom squandered. Like many things in life, you get out what you put in.

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