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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


Capturing the moment and making connections with people has always been essential to Stuart's photography and so it was natural that his business would focus on these aspects. 'People usually come to us because there has been some good news in their lives. We're incredibly honoured that we get to witness those happy occasions and to be a part of them.'

Making clients feel like they are the star of the show is what Photo Nottingham is all about. Stuart's aim is to make them look and feel fabulous, making the day all about them.

I wanted to know how Stuart got to where he is now though, and if he had any advice for someone who was thinking of expanding their business. 'I started off with hiring someone on a Saturday to help with the running of the studio and then slowly those roles became two or three days a week before eventually flourishing into full-time positions.' However, he also warns not to run before you can walk! 'I've never been one to take big risks, so I wouldn't take out a big loan. However, I've never considered employing people a risk because if you have commercial premises then you cannot have a locked door. It's well worth a moderate wage to answer that phone so that you don't miss a booking.'


Maintaining a house style is important to Stuart, however, he looks for people with individuality in their portfolios. 'I like to see people with real flair and creativity in their portfolio and see how that can adapt to our house style.' Encouraging staff to contribute new ideas is key for Stuart; 'style evolves; we're not taking the same photo today that we took five years ago.

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