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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


This year Photo Nottingham won the Fresh Photographer of the Year award, seeing them beat off stiff competition from many other studios in the group. 'It was absolutely brilliant to win because my staff came both first and second! I take a lot of pride in that because it shows that a studio can operate with very highquality work that is made by the whole team.

It was a real privilege to collect the award on behalf of everyone.' But its not the first time that Photo Nottingham have won this prize, so perhaps we'll see them winning even more Fresh Group awards in the future!

Entering competitions can really help drive a business forward too; 'we can't sit on our laurels at Photo Nottingham. The rise of the keen amateur means that professionals just have to keep getting better and better.' Competitions can help to raise the game of every entrant involved by pushing them to pay attention to even the tiniest detail of a shoot, and the more people who enter, the more glory there is in winning. 'I think that the time we don't have to think about what we are doing is the day that we pack up. If you're not improving then you are going backwards.'

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