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by Llewellyn Robins Published 01/08/2016

The professional photographer needs to demonstrate that their work is of a higher calibre than the guests' by producing images that demonstrate good technique with composition, lighting and controlled expressions. Grab or opportunist shots are not generally acceptable.

For instance a photograph taken of the ceremony from the back of the church does little to show us the photographer's capabilities other than getting the focus and exposure correct.

One of the most important skills of the wedding photographer must be their ability to get good expressions from their subjects and this should show in the photographs. Too many still-life pictures such as the flowers and the shoes will not show the judges the photographer's people skills and should be avoided. The next most popular category for a submission is in portraiture. Again the judges will be looking for the fundamental elements of good expression and composition. Where the images have been taken using studio lighting they must show that the photographer has the ability to produce a complementary or flattering light using this equipment. When using natural lighting the images must demonstrate an understanding of directional light and, where necessary, the use of fill-in flash and reflectors. The other questions the judges will be asking include: was this the right use of location?, do the poses look natural and comfortable? and does the expression complement the mood of the picture?

For a Licentiate and Associate submission on line, the judges initially view the images four to a page. Numbers 1-4 on page 1, numbers 5-8 on page 2, etc. Try to harmonise the four images on a page by choosing pictures which look good together and then numbering them appropriately. You might think that four black and white images work together on the same page. If so, number them 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, 10, 11, 12, etc. Analyse your images to ensure that you make the most of the presentation. After looking at them in page view the judges will view the images individually in full resolution to check they are sharp in the appropriate areas.

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