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by Llewellyn Robins Published 01/08/2016

What the judges will be looking for?

Impression. Do the images show variety of technique and application?

Are the images saleable and do they fit into the chosen category?

Technique. Are the images free from defects, with good post-production?

Camera craft. Do the images show good camera skills and correct lens choice?

Composition. Is the subject in a good position in the frame, and has the location been used to advantage?

Attention to detail. Check hands and clothes and look for unwanted objects in the background.

Lighting skills. Do the images show a good understanding of artificial, natural and mixed lighting situations?

Photographer input. How much influence has the photographer had over the final image?

Don't try to be too clever, (especially with Photoshop/Lightroom). Don't use images with gimmicks. Make sure the panel of images has good processing and simple clean presentation.


For photographers who feel that they would benefit from some guidance, help is on hand. The Societies have a dedicated team of mentors who will guide you through the process. Go to The Societies' website for all the details of the mentoring scheme.

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