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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/12/2013


At the Convention in 2014 Louise will be hosting a Masterclass that will give an inspirational insight into how she achieved her Fellowship in wedding photography. As one of only a small handful of women in the country to achieve this award, Louise is rightly proud of herself, 'It creates a feeling of satisfaction that you've done something and you've done it to the best of your ability. It also puts a body of work behind you to give you confidence, and it feels great to be valued by your peers.'

Louise will be talking about how you approach putting together your panel for the Fellowship award, from start to finish. The process can be a long and difficult one with many obstacles to trip you up; Louise believes that the key to success is to take your time and have a strong vision for how you want your panel to look. 'I'll be talking about how to compile your images into a shortlist, selecting a coherent panel and also looking at different printing techniques. A printed image has more value than just a digital file and it's essential to consider the result carefully.'


'With my own panel I fairly swiftly had a vision for it and I could see the panel completed in my head. I wanted to have it printed on a fine art paper to give it an etched feel. Once I'd selected my images it was also a case of tweaking them to make sure that there was nothing that could be criticised at all. You need to be able to think of the whole concept so that there is nothing in the entire panel that might be seen as being out of place.'

The panel that Louise submitted for her Fellowship is very close to the style of work that she regularly produces for her clients and so I asked Louise about where she finds her inspiration for her wedding photography work. 'I'm always on the look out for highfashion images and trying to work that into my photographs. I'm inspired by my past too, I used to love going to desolate places like the Bronte's house when I was young. It always appealed to me and I think that it had quite an influence on my images.'

Classical twenties styling is almost unique amongst wedding photographers, so I asked Louise what inspired her to go down that route. 'I was very lucky a few years ago to photograph a beautiful schoolteacher's wedding and she wore a twenties Gatsbyesquestyle dress. She was very on trend and ahead of her time and I was fortunate that she became part of my brand in a way, because I've gone on to have all my styling done in a twenties style. That whole era, that's very much me. When I was younger I always leaned towards twenties style, I always liked that look and feel.'

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