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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/12/2013


Getting ahead in wedding photography

The second Masterclass that Louise will be giving at the Societies' Convention 2014 will be discussing the pitfalls of being new to wedding photography. 'I'll be talking about building a vocabulary of images in your head so that if you get stuck on a wedding day you can always think of something to shoot,' Louise tells me. 'It's really important to make sure you plan things properly so that everything runs smoothly on the day. Everything from having the right equipment to really thinking very carefully about how to communicate with the client. Lots of new photographers can be quite frightened of directing people as well, and if you know in advance how you're going to do that then the whole experience becomes easier.'


Spending time learning and practising was the key to success in her early days of wedding photography, Louise believes. 'When I first went to a seminar with Gordon McGowan, the first thing I did afterwards was to get a couple of girls to dress up in wedding dresses and I went out and practised. It's no use going to seminars and then just going home and sitting at your computer and doing nothing.' Louise also thinks that experimentation on wedding days can lead to good results as well. 'You have to have the confidence to dare to do things on your wedding. And it's about building your self-confidence so that you believe you can pull the shots off that you can see in your mind.

Some people will talk about the rules of photography, but when you've been doing it a long time it just becomes instinctive to how you work and you can only build that with practice.'

If you're a relatively newcomer to wedding photography this is a Masterclass that you cannot afford to miss. Louise's advice will ensure that you're prepared to deal with anything your first weddings could throw at you with confidence. Of course it never hurts to brush up your basics and there will be tips and secrets from Louise that will benefit a seasoned professional too.

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