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by Stuart Bebb Published 01/10/2011


Eventually the lure of social photography proved too strong and Stuart finally decided to make this his full-time business. Although he had been working in this area for some time he still realised that he needed to develop a whole new skill set in order to survive and as he looked around for places where he could go to acquire the business and marketing know-how that he needed to back up his technical knowledge, friends recommended that he should consider joining the SWPP.

"I've been a member for around eight years ago now," says Stuart, "and I've got a lot out of it during that time. I particularly enjoy the Society Conventions and I attended two of them when they were held in Coventry and I've been to every one of the London events so far. I've also done a number of seminars at the London Conventions and I've been invited onto the judging panel for the 16x20in competition and have also helped with judging the online monthly competition."


Stuart has two seminars lined up for the 2012 event and is looking forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge with his fellow photographers once again. "My first seminar will be on Tuesday January 10," he says, "and this is a full-day workshop that will show delegates how to pose and light the bride and groom at a wedding. It will be a location event and I'll be working out of the stunning Montague on the Gardens Hotel and showing how to use daylight and how and when to introduce other light sources. It's essential to know about simple posing techniques when you're working under pressure at a wedding and I'll be sharing these with delegates and showing how to set up quick and believable situations." The ticket price for the day is £150 for Society members and £225 for nonmembers. Stuart's second seminar is on the afternoon of Friday 13 January at the Novotel and he'll be using his experience of judging and of entering competitions himself to tell other photographers about the Photoshop and traditional darkroom techniques that make the difference when you're aiming for qualifications, looking to achieve awards or simply want to create the most effective display. It's a free event and is sure to be hugely popular, and as usual at the Convention it's a case of first come, first served!

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