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by Stuart Bebb Published 01/10/2011


As well as sharing his knowledge and experience Stuart is also looking forward to the opportunity in January of attending some seminars himself and even given his long time in the business he still feels that this will give him the chance to learn something new.


"I take a great deal away from the Convention," he says. "It's a great melting pot of ideas to try out, there are some fantastic speakers every year, and 2012 will be no exception. Personally I'll be doing my best this time round to catch Trevor and Faye Yerbury because after all these years I've never actually seen them do a seminar and I've heard how good they are. I think Pete Bristo will also be fun to see and I'd also like to catch Becker, Joe Photo and some of the commercial guys if I get a chance. "Sadly I don't think Keith Thompson is speaking this year otherwise I would do everything I could to sit in on that one as well. I still consider that he's one of the best photographers out there and he's got so much to share."

Like every good photographer Stuart is keenly aware that the learning process never ends and he's determined to maintain his reputation as one of the very best social photographers in the business. His seminars are guaranteed to be popular and it will be a great opportunity to benefit from the experience that comes from a lifetime in the profession.

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