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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


However, Simon does believe that you don't have to be a real technical wizard to create interesting art. "I know enough to achieve the effects that I want to achieve, and I'm not averse to learning something new if I need it to achieve something creative." Many people believe that being completely up to date on all the latest technology is the way to become a great photographer, but Simon likes to focus on other skills too. "What I am interested in is people and the image. I hope that is what comes across from my work. Cameras and computers are just tools of the trade to me, they don't excite me as much as what I can do, achieve or visualise by creative design."

The key to creative wedding photography 2015 will be the first Societies' Convention that Simon has spoken at, and it'll also be the first time he's made it as a delegate too! 'I've been told it's great fun. I've tried to go in the past but I've always been booked for work so this year I blocked it out early in the diary so that I can attend!' Simon will be discussing the topics he covers in his book and will be primarily focussing on the essentials such as lighting, composition, posing and narrative.


Simon's book and Masterclass distils the information he has gleaned from both working as a photographer and learning from others. 'Over the years I have been very fortunate to learn with some of the most wonderful photographers. The aim with my book was to produce a key to wedding photography. It's not just a how-to book; I wanted to give photographers ideas to make them think for themselves and develop their own style. If you use the book properly then it is a tool that can really help you develop as a wedding photographer.'

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