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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


Simon hopes that seeing his work and listening to how he creates the images that he loves will inspire people. 'I'd love for something to spark inside of someone and encourage them to go out and do what they really love. I've loved photography for all of these years and there's nothing quite like it. When I'm photographing and there is a creative moment, the subject, light and composition are perfect, there is something in your heart that makes you realise that it has all come together.

'I'd love to get across to people that the key to making money is passion.

If you love what you're doing then your work will be original and in turn you'll earn more from your photography.' Simon's Masterclass is bound to be an uplifting journey into unleashing your own creativity and a great place to start for anyone hoping to think about their work from a new angle.


If you can't bring yourself to wait for his talk in 2015, Simon's book is available direct from his website.

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