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by Phil Jones Published 01/12/2013


At the Socieities' Convention in London 2013, Photovalue launched The 3XM Solution. The company made some brave statements about how this solution would enable photographers to make more money from digital image weddings and set about educating wedding photographers across the country on how to do this. The progressive nature of this new concept caught our attention and we were very much looking forward to seeing the reaction to the launch at the Convention and the progress in the months that followed. Almost exactly one year on and The 3XM Solution has its roots firmly embedded within the digital image wedding market. I spoke to Ronan Ryle, Director of Business Development at Photovalue, about the first 12 months of running this new business and what they've learned since the launch.

Phil: Firstly, it's been almost one year since you chose the Convention in London to launch The 3XM Solution. Why did you choose the Convention to launch your new offering?

Ronan: Well, we have been involved as a primary sponsor of the SWPP for a number of years. For us, it was all about finding a good fit. Before we launched, many people within the photographic industry viewed our business concept as very progressive. We believed that the SWPP members were the group of professional photographers that were most innovative and therefore would be most willing to adopt this new and innovative approach to digital image photography services.

The launch itself at the Convention went really well for us and the response from the SWPP members since has been great. The night of the awards dinner in particular was really memorable for us because this was the first time we showcased our jewelled USB hearts in the display pyramids. Since then, many photographers have gone on to have their own success showcasing these pyramids and USB hearts at wedding fairs or in their studios. The jewelled USB in particular has been a real crowd pleaser, especially amongst brides!


Phil: So you must have had a busy 12 months promoting The 3XM Solution to Photographers?

Ronan: Yes, it's been really busy and it's been good fun too. We spent over 80 days at various exhibitions and trade shows demonstrating the benefits of The 3XM Solution to photographers. It's been great to be able to meet so many photographers at the various events and we've really listened to all of their feedback. Photographers that have signed up to The 3XM Solution will know that throughout the year we have made continuous tweaks and improvements to The 3XM Solution based on the feedback they gave us. It's been great to see first-hand the opportunities and challenges that are facing professional photographers today.

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