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by Phil Jones Published 01/12/2013


Phil: I can see that The 3XM Solution is about a lot more than the jewelled USB and the nice packaging!

Ronan: (laughs) Yes it is. The jewelled heart-shape USB and the packaging is an important touch-point in the sales process to the couple. But The 3XM Solution is about much more than this.

It's about acting as a sales and marketing tool for professional photographers and giving photographers a revenue share in the product sales where we manage to convert a digital image customer into an album customer.

If a photographer is considering offering Digital Image Wedding Packages or indeed if they already do, then The 3XM Solution is the perfect option.

Why hand over CDs or DVDs without at least getting something back? And for those that decide digital image packages aren't for them, they should consider how much business they're saying 'No' to. Today almost half of weddings are 'digital image weddings'. That's a lot of business to say no to!

The photographers that are currently using The 3XM Solution get all of the sales and marketing tools for free and many have started generating additional profit from the revenue share where a couple or their friends and family have ordered wedding albums, prints, canvas frames or wall art.

At a cost to the photographer of £24 per wedding (including VAT) it really is a solution that any professional photographer can utilise.

Phil: So 12 months on, what's the biggest stand-out moment so far? Ronan: It's been a bit of a whirlwind year but some of my stand-out moments include the launch night at the SWPP Convention 2013, seeing the first wedding image gallery being uploaded to The 3XM Solution and the launch of The Wedding Album Boutique brand direct to consumers at The National Wedding Show. It's also been really great to hear from photographers about how The 3XM Solution has been adopted into their business and has helped them generate additional business and earn more revenue.

Phil: Finally Ronan, what's next?

Ronan: Well many photographers have asked us to develop a similar solution for Portait, Baby Portraiture and other digital image services so I'm delighted to announce that we will formally launch The Baby Album Boutique and The Photo Album Boutique under The 3XM Solution at the London Convention 2014. These are both similar to The Wedding Album Boutique in terms of the technology behind them and the designer packaged USBs with the photographer controlling all three offerings from their 3XM Solution portal.

Phil: I look forward to seeing this new release at our London 2014 Convention and wish you a successful show.

Ronan: Thank you. And as always a huge thanks to yourself, Juliet and the team at The Societies who have given us great support in the past and we look forward to working with your members and the team in the future.

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