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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


Print Times

Approximately 360 6x4-inch prints per hour can be made. We did not put a watch on the printer but prints were certainly hurtling out of the jaws!

The Ink Set

Inks are dye-based, cyan, magenta, yellow, black, sky blue and pink. The gamut volume from our bespoke profile measured 797,000 units - typical for this type of inkjet. The cartridges are 200ml capacity which should last for about 500 prints (based on extrapolation from other printers at about 0.4ml per print). Remember there are six cartridges and so this is an average cartridge change every 3,000 prints.


The Paper

We only tested the gloss option. The paper is a high-gloss, 240 micron caliper media which is instantly touch dry and seemed relatively waterproof (wet finger test!). We tested the audit chart after about 30min dry down and again after 24 hours. The difference in overall density was a minuscule 0.08%.

The paper is optically brightened with a fluorescence of 8.0 units. It is quite bright and eight points cool, which is probably about ideal for its intended purpose.

Both gloss and lustre finishes are currently available with matt to follow.

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