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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


The Dmax was high at 2.4 units. The metamerism was a surprising 10.05 (ΔE₀₀ D65 to Tungsten A on 50% grey) - we did not expect this from a dyebased ink set. The metameric colour shift was four to five points towards magenta when changing from D65 light to Tungsten A.

The shadows were differentiated down to 20 RGB points, the highlights up to 251 (generic), but only 246 (bespoke). This 246 value was an unusual result, normally the highlights hold up to the 250 mark. Despite the statistics the prints looked good.

Overall the advantages of bespoke profiling would only come into play for critical colour matching when, for example, a user was running one machine on 6-inch paper and another on 8-inch, but wished to match the outputs within the same album. For more run-of-the-mill work the differences would probably not be noticed.



The concept is of considerable interest to a large swathe of our readers; the price point makes this fast printer viable for many operations and opens lots of opportunities. It will be interesting going forward to see just how well it does. It is certainly an impressive piece of kit for the price.

The calculated print costs are: 6x4 - 8p; 6x8 - 8p; 5x7 - 2p; 8x8 - 22p; 8x10 - 27p; 8x12 - 32p.

The printer itself costs £2,963.00. All prices exclude VAT.

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1st Published 01/08/2014
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