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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


"I always shoot and edit following my instinct. Sometimes inspiration comes from a book, a hilosophical concept or a discourse I had with someone and sometimes it comes from dreams." Chiara tells me. "The creation of an image is a very long process, because every piece of mine has a story behind it. I develop a story first in my mind and then turn it into reality through photography, finishing by editing in Photoshop. I know an image is finished when I see it in the same way that I saw it in my mind."


Explaining further about her post-production techniques after she has captured the initial photograph Chiara says: "In general I add elements, and I adjust levels and curves, desaturating, colouring and adding gradient maps until I get the look that I want. In Photoshop I behave in the same way that a painter would, adding lights and shadows manually to the image. Sometimes I even physically paint over the image to get the painterly look."

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