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by Christina Lauder Published 01/06/2015


"The equipment required to get up and running is more affordable now," she says, "but I believe it is becoming more and more difficult to get a start. I see schools and colleges doing GCSEs, diplomas and degrees but I still think many of these students and graduates will struggle to make a living - unless they are really spectacular and can carve themselves a niche in a tough marketplace. I don't see how the average Joe is going to compete.

In my view the whole level of quality across the industry seems to be lower but the plain fact is that high-quality is essential to commercial success.

Anyone with a cameraphone is a photographer these days - but what we have to offer as professionals is differentiation. Quality work using professional skills and quality lighting."


As a new member at #TeamBowens, Christina will be taking on more speaking engagements, video tutorials and webinars - plus occasional blogging.

She says: "I want to get the message out there that photography is a very exciting profession and there is money to be made if you do it properly. Christina's own photographic mentors include Karsh of Ottawa, Annie Leibovitz and three Edinburgh-based photographers; Robin Gillanders and Trevor and Faye Yerbury.

"I admire the work of all these exceptional photographers," she enthuses, "but I remember when I first saw Yerbury child portraits nine years ago. I just loved them - the lighting, the composition and the very high quality. I decided there and then that I wanted to offer quality portraits like those to my own customers."

She adds: "The truth is I really want to be the next Trevor and Faye Yerbury - well at least the next Faye Yerbury I don't think I can ever be as tall as Trevor!"

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