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by Tim Hoy Published 01/10/2009


I was once chastised and told 'It's a business not a popularity contest you're running' but who wants to do business with unpopular and stingy businessmen and women? There is always a risk of falling into the profile of 'sucker' - the person for whom nothing is ever too much trouble and so becomes fair game to those who take advantage and not pay back the trust and generosity on offer.

It would be misleading to suggest that there's not occasions when this has happened, but most commonly one good deed gets paid back tenfold and completely eclipses the negative experience from selfish people.

This article sketches out a short summary of the benefits of networking.

If you're coming to the Convention in 2010, come to our Masterclass on the topic which I'll be jointly presenting with Zoe Richards. Audience participation will be encouraged and we'll be happy to answer questions readers may have about how they can reap the magnificent benefits of engaging with other like-minded individuals and organisations.

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