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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2014


Double-clicking a thumbnail bring up a before-and-after comparison of that particular image. At this stage it is possible to manually intervene and adjust the settings to suit the specific image. This has the advantage of letting Batch do all the legwork!

These are just a few of the features that may be adjusted using Portrait Pro. Essentially theprogram does all that a highly skilled retoucher can achieve in Photoshop but without therequirement of such skills and the time to do it - it remains a quite remarkable program.When shown to non-photographers (eg the local Women's Institute!), it brought gaspsof amazement. One of the eternally true things about these manipulations is that peoplemost often say they would shun them but, when confronted with the retouched image asan option, they always go for it!


Before and after comparisons. The image on the left has been processed by PortraitPro. Photoshop gives a slightly more accurate rendering of the original colours.

Overall this is a good upgrade and the newfeatures offer plenty of potential. PortraitProretains a certain magic when using it andyou can feel quite smug as it does so muchwork with so little effort - well worth thecost!

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