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by Tracey Harper Published 01/04/2011


So what does the Alphabet Soup activity actually prove? As briefly mentioned above about both hemispheres of the brain being engaged, it has been proven to increase the visual IQ of the participant.

The process of finding the abstracts not only activates the left and right hemispheres but can cause a paradigm shift in your visual sensory receptors, which in layman's terms actually makes you look at your surroundings in a different way than you previously had. To be able to take in your current surroundings and see them in a different way is a gift.

A perfect example of this paradigm shift came from a student who saw a dreary old reception hall transform into interesting leading lines. Rafters became unique shapes and forms, and Alphabet Soup became a creative new fresh way to look at his surroundings. The cool thing is that a bad hall or reception place can became a new way to be creative, and that can translate into more variety and more money.


Take this challenge now. Look around the room or area that you are currently in. With the inspiration of the three separate examples illustrated, please find a minimum of five letters of the alphabet. Look at the doors, locks, chairs, tables, lamps, ceilings, floors, and cords. If you are lucky enough to be reading this article outside, take a look at the natural surroundings, the bark on the tree, the edge of the grass, the shadows of the branches on the ground, the shapes of the leaves, the clouds in the sky. These are just tips of the iceberg and a wonderful starting block.

Taking the time to invest in seeing the less obvious is one step of improvement for your photography and creative success. The other investment is making a commitment to invest in your future by attending educational workshops and conventions. The 2012 SWPP Convention is set for January in Hammersmith, England; I would encourage each and every member to put a stake in the ground and commit to attend. Start budgeting for it in your business plan or simply put money away each month so you can attend. It is a great way of making it happen.

Furthermore, if you took part and found part or all of your Alphabet Soup, take it one step further and photograph them. I would love to see your partial or full alphabets! please email them to me at

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