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by Angela Adams Published 01/04/2017


What is your mindset when you get up in the morning?
I absolutely adore mornings. The first thing I do is take my dog for a walk, to clear my head and think about what lies ahead that day – it's when creative thoughts come to me. I feel it’s important to keep healthy and fire on all cylinders, so I breakfast on fresh healthy juice, a bowl of berries and a very good cup of coffee. I believe having a healthy balanced mind-set is vital to a successful work-life balance.

Breakfast is the most important time for my family. A time when my husband, my daughters (if they're home) and I sit and share what we have planned and find out how we can support each other.

Do you work alone or employ staff?
Although I work alone, I don’t feel alone, as I have a huge network of people to support me. My husband inspires me to stretch, challenge and develop myself. I run ideas past my mum and my sister; they critique, give feedback and are my reflector holders! I also have good friends who encourage me. Friends are hugely important to me, for sharing good times, as well as crying together when things don’t go according to plan – my most loyal and cherished friend is my gorgeous Bugsy, a six-year-old Springador. He can’t wait to get to work, impatiently pawing at the door to get into my studio before I do – he's my star model and, quite frankly, should be paid! and I sit and share what we have planned and find out how we can support each other.

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