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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2007


Photo Rag Satin 310 PhotoLine

This is a smooth callendered finish to which an additional coating has been applied. This responds to the ink to create a light silky sheen to the print, which is very attractive. It is tailored towards retaining the maximum amount of detal in photographic reproduction but retains an art feel with its weight and texture. It is a surface we like a lot. The surface may be used with Matte Black ink and so it offers an alternative to Epson 4800/7800 users who habitually use Matte Black but do not wish to perform an ink change to create a satin print from the pearl finishes currently so popular (and represented in this review by Fine Art Pearl). Epson 3800, Canon and HP users do not have this dilemma with the speedy and inexpensive in change available.


Natural Art Duo 256 PhotoLine

This paper is effectively an upgrade from the 216 variant of the same name. It lifts it into compliance with Fine Art Trade Guild standards for giclee but increased was mainly done to overcome see-through with the thinner weight. IN the absence of a data sheet we have assumed that the coating is the same as the original and used the Hahnemuhle profile from the web site with a VFA setting. The audit data are much in accord with similar matte, art papas free of OBAs. That is a depressed Dmax and accurate skin colours in the hue and saturation channels. The two sides a subtly different in texture and we printed to both. The 'signature' of the colour errors was almost identical and the couple of tenths of a point here and there was probably data noise - to all intents the colours were identical on each side and the only difference is the textural properties. (In the graph shown there are actually two sets of data superimposed, one over the other - you can only detect a double line in the deep red.) This makes this media a good candidate for double-sided portfolio preparation, although good practice would demand that you kept the paper surface orientations matched from sheet to sheet in a book.

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