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by Xander Casey Published 01/01/2014


Sharing the knowledge

One of the things that Xander's marketing background made him very aware of was the need to network and to talk regularly to others in the profession, rather than to see them all as potentially dangerous rivals. Accordingly he made the decision to join The Societies several years ago, and, as well as taking the opportunity to learn from others, he's also been keen to give something back.

"I hadn't really heard about The Societies until I was asked to lecture at the Business School one time," he says. "I was blown away by the depth and breadth of topics covered, and by the number of attendees. Photography is one of those skills where you never really stop learning; there is always something new to master, a new way to try something, and that's what keeps it so interesting. It's also great to have the chance to catch up with friends and colleagues."

Xander is heading back to the Convention in January to deliver two fresh seminars, and these will be focusing not so much on the marketing aspects that he's so well known for, but will be more technically orientated, covering the ins and outs of off-camera flash.

"Photography is all about light," says Xander, "and one of the fundamental concepts everyone needs to grasp is flash. However, the minute you mention this subject, there will always be some people, particularly those new to photography, who will have the urge to head for the hills!

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