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by Xander Casey Published 01/01/2014


"The fact is, however, that off-camera flash not difficult at all if you follow a few simple rules. The important thing to bear in mind is that you should be making choices for the right reasons, not because you're technically unsure. If you want to offer a service that's exclusively based around natural light, make sure you've not made that decision because you don't know how to use flash.

"You wouldn't be the first to be scared away for this reason. Even the mighty Mario Testino kept away from flash for the first few years of his career because he wasn't confident about artificial light! The point I'm making is this: even the best can be intimidated by off-camera flash, and the aim of my two courses will be to demystify it all and to show how easy it can be to do."

Xander will be running a Masterclass and a Superclass at the 2014 Convention, covering a number of eventualities and showing delegates how to ensure that, even in tricky lighting conditions, they will be able to expertly combine the ambient light with off-camera flash.

"My Masterclass on the Friday will encompass everything that the beginner needs to know about off-camera flash," says Xander. "I'll be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the different flash systems available, showing where to put the lights to create the right shadows, what settings to use on the flash and what the best camera settings might be. By the end of the session everyone will have an idea of the fundamentals and will be ready to put them into practice. The Superclass I'm leading on the following day will see us out and about around the Hilton Metropole Hotel with some models, putting those off-camera flash techniques into practice."

Typically Xander won't just be at the Convention to teach. Even though he's a highly successful professional photographer these days, he's always understood the value of picking up information from others who might have different experiences to share. "Even though I'm a speaker I'll still have time to pop in to see other seminars that are taking place," he says. "This year I'll be getting along to as much as possible just out of curiosity. There are still a number of speakers I've heard great things about but have never actually met, so it will be great to hear what they've got to say and to introduce myself."

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