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by Clwyd Probert Published 01/11/2008


Dealing with the unknown

Many wedding photographers do the same thing week after week - church or registry weddings, group shots, bridal portraits, speeches, cake cutting and the first dance. It becomes a routine, it is safe and it is boring. To improve your photography you need to step out of your comfort zone, move into more challenging situations. Here are some of the things that separate a typical Indian wedding from a traditional English one:

Multiple days

An Indian marriage consists of the main wedding day preceded by a series of events/parties/family gatherings which lead up to the main day.



Money). The average amount of money spent on an English wedding is £17,000, the average spent on an Asian wedding is over £30,000 (Research carried out by Asian bridal magazine Viya).

Size (Scale). An average English wedding is 80 to 100 people. An average Asian wedding is 500 people.

Long days.

It is typical to arrive at the bride's house at 7am to photograph her getting ready. When you arrive she will have been up for three hours already having her make-up done!

You will be expected to follow the couple through a civil ceremony, religious ceremony, reception (cake, speeches, dancing) plus possibly two more location changes back to the bride's house and then back to the groom's house. It is not uncommon to finish close to midnight.

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