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So perhaps, 'Relax and remember the moment he proposed to you' would be a better suggestion. After all, you would think that memories, and that would show on their faces. This, after all, is what 'expression' is all about. People are expressing their emotional response to whatever they are thinking about. This is also the secret of body language and, when applied at the interview stage, allows you to understand better what it is that the clients are looking forward to on their wedding day and what excites them. As they look at your images and discuss their wishes for the day, it shows on their faces

The quality of our interaction with our clients on the wedding day does show up in our pictures of the day.

A word of caution ... there is a danger when pursuing 'different' that we may miss the core elements of the wedding. For the majority of clients we need to stay mindful of the need to 'cover the basics'. In the pursuit of the next greatest wedding photograph, we may fail our clients if we don't capture the important family members and those parts of the day considered key to the wedding.


For many of us as photographers, the desire to be 'different' is purely for personal reasons. Sure, we have a job to do and clients to satisfy but, hey, I want to have fun and be challenged as well! I want some satisfaction that I am growing and evolving in my craft, and producing something 'new' on a regular basis.

The more weddings we shoot, the more experience we have, and it might be reasonable to assume that this will go on meaning that we can come up with something 'different' but this is not always the case.

To be truly creative we need to step outside our comfort zones. The dictionary suggests that true creativity is to bring into being something that previously didn't exist. To do this, we need to follow new paths. Try something as simple as looking in a 'different' direction, use a lens you have never tried before, or even do what 'doesn't work'. Mix it up with what you know, cover the key images and maybe for a few frames, give yourself permission to use your skills in a totally new way. Being creative often means you are not sure what you will end up with the first time you try something new ... and that's OK!

Creativity really is in the way we allow ourselves to think and the photographic rules we choose to work by. Being creative is to be 'adventurous'. I have watched my daughter 'working' on some images she had taken in Photoshop, a program I had only shown her very recently and to a very basic level. I was at first humoured by the 'mistakes' she was making and felt tempted to step in and correct those mistakes but, as I watched, I allowed myself to suspend my expectations around what was a good photograph. There was something really inspiring about the way she interpreted her images. Some of them are genuinely amazing and I was reminded that often our limitations in the area of creativity are created by ourselves and our desire to stick to the rules and, while rules are important, they can and, in my opinion, should be challenged.

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