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Work out what should be done and do something 'different'. Act as if you didn't know the rules and you will add to your library of knowledge. If you only do what you already know works, your library of knowledge will not be extended.

It is a question I carry with me at every shoot. If time permits and I have covered what is required, then it is time to get curious. Every time you 'find' a new idea that works, a new image that you or your clients like, you add to your toolbox of 'creative' tricks. While they may become 'normal' for you, they will be 'different' for everyone else. Like a dancer or a sportsperson who forever adds to their repertoire of 'moves', you will continue to expand your shot options. Stay in tune with your instincts and be prepared to stretch yourself.

Finally, you are 'different' - there is no one else quite like you and nobody sees the way you see. Embrace that uniqueness and combine it with the uniqueness of each and every couple.


All creativity starts with an idea - a single thought. Any idea, when continually focused on, grows.

Be curious and breathe life into an idea by:

Focusing on it
Talking about it
Dreaming about it
This is the stuff of passion!

All great works of art, all great songs, architectural wonders, etc started with a thought, a thought that was pursued, often purely on instinct, whether it made sense to or not.

So it is with photographs!

Tony Hewitt is one of Australia's leading People Photographers & Photographic Illustrators. He has received a 'Triple Master of Photography,' from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, a Fellowship from the New Zealand Institute, and has twice been awarded the AIPP WA Professional Photographer of the Year, along with many other national and international awards. Tony is consistently sought after as a professional speaker in both the photographic and corporate arenas. Presenting on subjects as diverse as Vision and Creativity, Life Skills, Marketing, Communication & Rapport, he has been invited to present throughout Australia and in the USA, Asia, and the UK. A rare mix of talents, he combines his twin passions for People and the Art of Photography while offering a unique perspective on Life, Business, and the Challenges they hold. He is the keynote speaker at the DWF Convention in Tampa Bay, Jan 4-7 2008

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