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by David Beckstead Published 01/08/2010


Model shoots will give you this time (your time!) to flush out compositional ideas and concepts. These kinds of shoots will help improve your composition (what you decide to include and eliminate in your camera's viewfinder) more than you realise. It 'feels' easier to 'step outside the box' and try something different without the pressures of the wedding day. As you become more comfortable, expanding your vision, passion and creativity without added stress, you automatically start testing these ideas at real weddings. I would not suggest that you start all at once; developing 'style' in your imagery and overall brand takes time. Don't rush it!

Style is the overall look that your imagery evolves too. It never really attains a static level. Part of being an artist is the constant, evolutionary change we all seek; never satisfied, always looking for the next imageidea that turns us on. There comes a point when others look at your imagery and can detect your style. In a sea of wedding photographers, that is a good thing! Model shoots can help you improve your compositions, thus improve your overall style. Practising your craft is very important!

Composition is the rock-solid foundation of your art and business! Let's quickly give you some ideas on how to set up model shoots. You need a model, dress and location.

Models: One of the best places to find models is from your past clients! They almost never charge you for their time. They are often ready to do something cool and fun for the exchange of fresh imagery! Promising them a nice print would cost you very little and a good way to put icing on the cake when asking them to model. Dress shops often know of women looking to break into the modelling world. Often they will model for just the final imagery trade-out. You may know of a family member or friend who just wants to get out of the daily grind and model for fun. Of course there are professional models and agencies sometimes willing to lower their prices for imagery that is different

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