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by David Beckstead Published 01/08/2010


Dress: eBay, discount bridle shops, past clients' wedding dresses, the list is endless. Dresses can be procured with little or no cost to you. It all depends on your tenacity to 'make it happen'! Dress shops will often trade out great imagery for the use of nice bridal dresses.

Location: Great locations are just a phone-call away. Many places will allow you to model shoot on private property if you give them the use of the imagery shot on their location. I have always wanted to shoot at the Vizcaya Museum at Miami, Florida. The opportunity came up a few weeks ago and I will be shooting a model shoot there in less than one month! The cost for a shooting permit? $125.00 for all day. That is worth every penny to me! Yet most of my locations did not cost me a dime!

It may take a little 'selling of a concept' to get ingredients together for a great model shoot, yet the effort is worth your time.

There is an even easier way to be a part of model shoots if you have a little extra money but no time to organise it: Workshops.

Many workshops have bride-style model shoots. This is such a great way to for the instructor to show you his/her style in action, help you with compositional concepts and allow you to take home amazing imagery that is useful in your own branding. There is nothing like learning from a photographer you admire.

Now that you have some amazing shots, what do you do with them? There are endless ways to increase your brand-coverage in this industry with wonderful and artistic imagery.

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