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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2012


Matt Papers

One of the materials we had to hand was Impart Soft Textured Fine Art. This is a 315gsm, mould-made paper, good for an imposing fine art card but a challenge because of its thickness. It transported through the printer but the print head did catch the edge of the print right at the end. We also stacked about a dozen sheets into the rear feeder which was close to the 9mm limit. These fed through without any issues but the print head was still catching. There is no Paper Config panel in the print driver and so there is no ability to widen the platen gap. The specified maximum thickness is 0.11mm, we were at 5x that value at 500 microns.

Paper transport from the lower cassette was a little hit and miss. After the paper had been in the tray for a couple of days a printed sheet was dragging additional sheets through. On four successive prints this amounted to 4, 3, 4 and then 13 sheets. This obviously has implications for office-style multiple printing.

In terms of paper size there is a 'user defined' option which allows for paper up to 44 inches in length. This is important as the creation of banners is a task that many card outlets provide for both birthdays and anniversaries. The limit on both the C310 and C510 is also 44 inches and they do handle 300gsm paper with ease, despite this being outside the specified maximum.

Print Speed

Although the printer is capable of high speed printing, the quality suffers.

We found the following times to make a full A4 print:
Best Quality High Speed off 4m 50s
High Quality High Speed off 2m 15s
High Quality High Speed on 1m11s
Normal Quality Plain Paper 8.8s


The Museo blanks range from online are excellent for really high quality short run card making but less suited when long runs and competitive pricing are key. Provided with envelopes they enable an aspiring card printer to test the water in their market. On-line Paper will crease and prepare blanks from any stock media and can provide a very wide range of surfaces to suit almost any need.

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