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by Andreas Tsiartas Published 01/04/2017


In a nutshell wedding photographers and photographers who cover weddings share the basic elements that allows both to operate in this area but there is the extra thing that develops photographers into wedding photographers. It is the way they see, perceive and feel the wedding. It needs passion to be at a wedding and really be into it, rather than go there, shoot and leave.

What makes me a wedding photographer?

I feel I have reached a point today where I am happy to introduce myself as a wedding photographer. I describe wedding with three words: spontaneity, authenticity and uniqueness. Three words, a 1,000 stories – this is why I love shooting weddings. Weddings are predictable and yet unpredictable at the same time. Each is a story unfolding in front of the camera and inviting capture of every authentic moment, every spontaneous motion, every emotion that might otherwise be missed. My couples choose me as their wedding photographer because they see something in my work that they like. This is the result of my creativity and passion – the way in which I see and photograph their weddings.

At the very first meeting with my couple I ask them to tell me everything about their forthcoming, special day – their plans, thoughts and ideas, the bride’s dress style, the colors of the flowers and the kind of music that will be played during the party; it all helps me imagine and ‘get the vibe’ of their wedding. I want them to know that their day is a special experience for me too and not just another working day. In this way, I build a connection with my couples so they can feel comfortable around me.

On the wedding day arrives I go to both the groom’s and bride’s homes before the actual wedding even starts so I have time to photograph the preparations for my photographic story. I also like to meet the parents and try to calm them down so as they can relax and enjoy the day. Parents are always very emotional during a wedding and this gives me material to create my story. I always seek moments when someone cries or laughs, moments when something unexpected happens; but I always try to work discreetly.

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