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by Andreas Tsiartas Published 01/04/2017


I try not to set anything up during the wedding, I just follow its flow and try to cover everything my photographic eye sees from the beginning until the end of their day. This is where my experience and ability to anticipate the flow of the wedding comes in handy. I am always being asked what time I leave the wedding. My answer is simple: ‘What time is your wedding going to end?’ The truth is, I do not set a specific time that I will leave a wedding. I depart the wedding when I feel that I have collected what I need to create my couple’s wedding story.

Success as a wedding photographer does not come when you deliver the photographs to the couple. It comes when the bride and groom re-live their wedding day again each time they go through the pictures. It comes when they see the simplest moments turned into the most emotional through my photographs and it brings tears to their eyes.

Therefore, what allows me to call myself a wedding photographer is this great interest and enthusiasm I have about shooting weddings. It makes me want to be a better photographer, to improve my work and accept new challenges related to wedding photography.


The SWPP Factor.
Here is where the SWPP enters the equation. They can provide the best structure and knowledge for becoming the type of photographer you want to be. Through SWPP, photographers get the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops delivered by world-class photographers, to be motivated to practise and master their skills in wedding photography.

Through the last five years I have attended several SWPP seminars and orkshops which certainly improved my professional photography skills and raised the quality level of my work in so many ways. It started when the they visited Cyprus, my home, and since then I have travelled around Europe to be a part of their events. I have gained more confidence in my equipment and I have obtained a greater perception of lighting and framing. The seminars on marketing helped me in creating and upgrading my professional image as a wedding photographer from which I have benefited in terms of improving my approaches to clients.

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