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by John Baikie Published 01/10/2012


The words '50 Shades of Grey' seem to evoke a unanimous reaction from men; collective eye rolling, groaning and usually some 'witty' remark about 'mummy porn'. Nowhere is this male vision more perfectly demonstrated than in John Baikie's recent article in Professional Imagemaker. Inspired by Mr Grey obsessed 'desperate housewives (his words not mine), John created some gorgeous, emotive images featuring a scantily clad goddess, with chains in places that are guaranteed to chafe. Stunning photographs, great model and a fantastic location - of course, as far as I could see, it had nothing to do with 50 Shades of Grey.


I hate to break it to you chaps, and I know I'm bursting some serious bondage bubbles here, but 50 Shades is a love story. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of slap and tickle in there, and yes I am being literal, but mainly it's about trust, honesty and surprisingly, tenderness in a blossoming relationship.

The popularity of this literary phenomenon relies entirely on the normalcy of the leading lady. Ana is average, bookish and inexperienced - the typical girl next door. This is exactly why she appeals to us women, we could be her. As such, we're getting more and more clients coming through our doors at The English Boudoir Company wanting that 50 Shades of Grey look. So we wanted to share, from a woman's point of view, how we create our Mr Grey inspired session with a real woman (and I'm afraid, on this occasion, there isn't a shackle in sight).

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1st Published 01/10/2012
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