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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2013


DxO, then, does a lot more than open Raw files. The French software developer has invested substantial time and money into categorising individual lens and camera combinations (of which there are thousands!) for optimum performance with combination-specific corrections for residual chromatic aberration, lens distortion, across-field sharpness and vignetting. This is in addition to the usual suspects such as exposure and white balance, but also includes chip-specific, ISO-specific noise reduction and sharpening


In practice, when you try to process a new camera/lens image the program flags an alert to ask if you wish to download the bespoke module (as presented by the metadata in the file). It then toddles off to collect and download the relevant file from DxO and in a few seconds you are ready to start. The modules are about 250KB for a prime lens but up to 9MB for a zoom which suggests that the module takes account of the zooming point as well as the lens and camera body.

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