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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2011


Using the full-colour profile and printing created lovely monochromes as might be expected with such highaccuracy results. The underlying base tone is reflected in all cases in the look of the print. The warmth of the Platinum Baryta gives a very traditional look and the paper would work well for portraiture as well as landscape. For a punchier monochrome, the other two work equally well and the coolness would compliment more modern fashion images. If you cannot decide, the Platinum Gloss is the middle-of-theroad choice!

The Dmax was consistently over 2.30 using colour profiles but we recorded 2.60 for Platinum Baryta, 2.52 for Platinum Gloss and 2.45 for PF Lustre on prints made using the Epson Advanced Black and White driver set on Neutral/Dark. The highlights were differentiated right up to 251 points then down to an excellent 15 RGB points in the shadow areas. The Metamerism measured between 1.28 and 1.98 (Colour Inconstancy Index ?E00, on 50% grey D65 to Tungsten A) all good results.

Overall this was a gratifying set of monochrome results. As with the colour results you have a range of 'looks' to choose from, safe in the knowledge that all the papers will perform exceptionally well.



Our members are to be congratulated! They have voted well and the statistics confirm their discerning taste. As a trio, these papers provide a range of base tones and weights with consistently first-rate colour and monochrome statistics. Our new auditing protocols are bedding in quite well and this group certainly make for a good baseline in excellence.


Squeezing out every last drop!

This trio of papers cover a wide range of base tones, one of the prime influences on the accuracy of the colour auditing process. They thus provided us with a good data set to assist in analysing the new i1 Publish software to see if we could squeeze anything extra out of the system. The trial confirmed that there is little difference between the Monaco Profiler and i1 Publish but that the base paper tone was exerting great influence.

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1st Published 01/06/2011
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