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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2011


Examining the statistics shows that there is about a 15% difference between the profiling methods but a two-fold difference between the media types. This is a well known effect and it is why there is a specific 'paper accuracy' criteria applied to the base paper used in contract proofing. It is also why the absolute colourimetric rendering intent, allied with a 'mimic base tone' setting are available when proofing. Especially for a brightened paper the 'proof' printer workflow applies an overall smear of yellow across the page. This brings the base paper-white into specification, but for non-proofing work, it reduces the saturation in the high-saturation tones and is thus not recommended - it is more accurate in the reduced CMYK gamut, but degrades the HiGAM colours. To put this in perspective the weighted chroma (saturation) error was degraded from -0.20 to -5.0 Lab ΔEab units while increasing the HiGAM patch set error from 3.5 to 7.1 Lab ΔEab units. This particular trial also highlighted the need to examine the colour audits in the round. The improvements in paper accuracy and grey neutrality were offset by an increase in HiGAM errors - the absolute colourimetric print was a bit dull alongside its less accurate cousin!

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