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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2007


We had the opportunity to make an exhibition-quality print with the test remnant of the paper and very impressive it was; this paper remains a firm favourite around these parts!

High Density White Cotton Canvas

The 340gsm Fuji Artist Canvas has always been an excellent media and performed well in our extensive canvas review some time back. It has now been joined by its bigger and brighter brother, the 400gsm High Density Cotton Canvas. In response to demands from photographers for a brighter finish, the material coating is loaded with OBAs which produces a noticeable lift in the whiteness of the base as well as a slight cooling. The substrate is also changed, the newer is slightly more buff coloured, although the twin-weave Oxford Twill is retained. The 400gsm has a 54 micron calliper. The gamut of the HD measured 6% higher than the Artist Canvas although the test conditions were not the same. As shown in the gamut visualisation, the HD media delivers more vibrant yellows, reds, cyans and greens and the data would have lifted this material into second place in our 2004 tests. This is in spite of the HD delivering a slightly reduced Dmax in our tests.


HD Canvas lies between DCP and Ilford in coolness.

Plotting the spectral power distributions of the base coatings, puts the HD in the same bracket as the DCP Canvas and the Ilford Studio Canvas from the 2004 tests - that is a lift to about 107% brightness at 440nm. Plotting the 27-month-old, Artist Canvas along with HD, placed the older material exactly where it was (implying that no dark-storage deterioration had taken place). The HD was placed about 5 points blue, to lie in between the DCP and Ilford materials. For the record we have reproduced all the data

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1st Published 01/02/2007
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