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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2007


Fine Art Museum Rag

This is a 300gsm, 100% Cotton Rag, fine art paper. It has a smooth surface and a light-cream base colour. It is barely distinguishable from Fine Art Museum Rough which is just a few microns thicker (45 cf 50 microns).

The surface is a natural, soft-texture which changes slightly when flooded with ink, in that the long fibres become more prominent. This is also true when you cut the paper either with scissors or a scalpel; you have to take care to complete the cut or the stronger, long fibres are left sticking out. A less welcome characteristic is that the surface coating tends to become patchy when coated with solid areas of colour in the form of variable density.


Colour Performance

In common with other papers of this class, the Dmax is reduced (1.55, 20% Lab brightness) but the warmth of the base generates excellent skin tone accuracy. Monochrome fine art specialists will like the absence of OBAs (but not the patchiness). The overall colour error in a profiled print was 6.3 ΔE Lab/3.96 ΔE2000 with a predominance of the error lying in the lightness component. The gamut volume was 478,850 and the metamerism was 1.3 ΔE (D65 to Tungsten at 50% grey). Testing was carried out on an Epson 3800 using Matte Black ink. The base paper and coating had no evidence whatever of brighteners with a totally flat response in the blue part of the spectrum.

Cost and Availability


These are useful additions to the FujiFilm range. We remain impressed by the Baryte type of papers, the canvas will no doubt build a following. The Smooth Rag we are uncertain of unless we could profile our way out of trouble with the patchy finish

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