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by Alisatair Campbell Published 01/07/2016


Although it may not look like it from the feel of these images, this series was really fun to shoot. Roxanne and I have known each other for a few years now, and worked on many different photography and video projects together in the past. Shannon stepped in at the last minute to fill the role of the contrasting, lighter character, and was an absolute delight to work with; after sitting down with her for 10 minutes before we began to explain how my style works and how to achieve the emotion (or often lack there of) we were after, she totally understood from the first photograph to the last. For me most of my work is not about 'modelling' but more about feeling, that gaze many of us are unable to portray was there.

Gatsby is ultimately a tragedy, full of woe. "The glow faded, each light deserting her with lingering regret". To manifest this portrayal, and pay homage to the story through a bleak and gothic feel, while still putting my signature style on the images was the challenge here. As I come from a film and video background I often call upon that to create a cinematic feel. This requires a slightly different, more vibrant editing style, combined with more purples, blues, aqua and muted greens than I'm normally used to. It was a fresh feel for me, while retaining the darkness and black in my images that I've grown to love. All images were edited exclusively in Lightroom, mainly by manipulating just the colour sliders. Lighting was mainly one soft-box using just the modelling light, or occasionally very low flash settings, combined with available light coming in from the rear of the room.


These images show a journey into the end of the night, the music plays, the fire is warm, the food is welcome, yet time is passing, time which we oh so often forget to cherish.

Photographer: Alistair Campbell

Photoshoot designer/stylist: Hannah Taylor

Location: Huntsham Court

Vintage Clothing: Days of Grace

Stationery: Oh So Vintage and Enchanting Weddings

Make-up artist and hairstylist: Billie Edge

Models: Roxanne Ebrahimi & Shannon Thorne

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1st Published 01/07/2016
last update 21/07/2022 10:39:54

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