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by Nick Ghionis Published 01/12/2011


Nick Ghionis tells the cover story of Shaun and Rushenka's engagement shoot

Then Boom

Engagement and pre-wedding shoots are an integral part of our business and an opportunity to give our clients the experience of being in front of a camera prior to their actual wedding day. It's also an opportunity to create some amazing wall art. Engagement albums and invitations, are just a few of the products that are available.

So, when the time came to photograph Shaun and Rushenka, they wanted a specific shoot that showcased their playful and energetic relationship. Armed with a bag of coloured powder, which when mixed with water turned into coloured paint, I knew that we were going to have some fun.

The first problem that we encountered was the studio space. Fully equipped with Elinchrom Flash units and back drops, I knew that the cleaning process would be a nightmare, but I also wanted to use high-powered flash units to freeze the action. With my trusty portable Elinchrom Rotalux kit we decided to shoot in the driveway of the studio and proceeded to have lots of fun, starting off with just the coloured powder.

It didn't take much to coerce them into action, as they began to throw powder at each other with increasing vigour. Photographing this, I couldn't help but be totally engrossed in the action and the expressions I was capturing - smiling from ear to ear while shooting. We started off playing with powder just to set the scene and wanted to end with the wet paint. Introducing the umbrella as a prop we were able to add another dimension to the shoot.

While Shaun and Rushenka played the part like true professionals, it was a scene reminiscent of a comedy skit. After throwing buckets of paint at each other, we needed a finale to end the shoot. Calling on my assistant and a staff member, each armed with a bucket, the countdown began; on the count of three they simultaneously threw the paint at Shaun and Rushenka, much to their delight.

The photos were amazing and the scene was set for the wedding day. Needless to say their wedding photos were just as much fun. Images shot with a Nikon D3s and ISO 2000 24mm-70mm lens 250s at f8, Elinchrom Rotalux Flash

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