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by Mike McNamee Published 01/07/2016


The process is started by marking out and identifying types of area - it even includes animals.

Portrait Pro
remains one of tPortrait Pro
remains one of the more remarkable pieces of software development of the past decade. I can still remember the gasps of astonishment at seminars when first demonstrating it. The software beavers have not been idle in the interim and Landscape Pro is the result of their recent labours. In the same way that Portrait Pro seeks out facial features for enhancement, Landscape Pro finds areas such as mountains, sky, rock and trees with help from the user and then presents a suite of options to enhance or improve the image.


The flatness of the overall scene (shown right) requires a lot of markers to identify the basic forms of rocks, grass, mountain and sky.

As you might imagine the example provided by the software writers work a treat but the impressive thing about them is that seemingly hopeless situations can be retrieved. We have all been in the situation of arriving at a scene with limited time and no chance of a revisit when the light has just been too 'toppy', too hazy or just the wrong time of day. Professionally you would have to haunt the place until the light improved but this is not always a luxury available to you and you have to 'enhance' what you have available.

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