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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/12/2014


Kevin Casha

Kevin is another Maltese photographer who just can't seem to stay on the Island. "Working in different places and location inspires me," Kevin tells me when I ask what he most enjoys about travelling to shoot photos. "I hate routine so doing workshops in other countries keeps my work varied but it's also challenging and fun." He also points out that meeting and working with other photographers keeps him on his toes and teaches him new ways of doing things. I asked Kevin what advice he has for photographers who aspire to work abroad; "Being organised is key so I always keep updated lists of what I need to take abroad with me. These lists keep expanding and are in a constant state of flex depending on which countries I am visiting and what I'll be teaching."

Alongside his own personal photography and teaching, Kevin is the President of The Malta Institute of Professional Photography and it's been an exciting year for the organisation. "We've just obtained approval from the Malta Qualifications Council to run a 100- hour course in photography. They are the top educational body here and it will be recognised across Europe up to Level 3." Kevin will be running the first iteration of the course in June 2015 and it will be sure to inspire a new generation of photographers.


This year at the Convention, Kevin will be delivering an inspirational Masterclass focusing on fashion photography. I asked Kevin what he will be covering during his 90 minutes in the spotlight: "I'm going to discuss the whole process. We'll start with concepts and planning and we'll go all the way though to equipment and models. I'll also be giving some insight into how some of the most iconic fashion photographers have managed to impress and gain a foothold in what's probably one of the most competitive genres of photography." Kevin's Masterclass should be an absolute must-see for anybody who is either starting out or wants to improve their fashion photography.

But it's never just as simple as taking in a few classes. I asked Kevin what it really takes to be a professional fashion photographer: "Work, work and work! Concentrating on your photography and your ideas is always more important than buying the latest equipment." It's common for photographers to admit that they spend too much money on expensive camera equipment, so Kevin urges us to think twice. "All the equipment in the world will not make you a better fashion photographer - you have to use your brain and generate ideas that will make your work stand out."

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