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by Charles Zammit Published 01/12/2010


First of all you have to make the couple feel important to you. How?

Most of the couples will contact us either by phone or by email asking for price and availability of dates. We don't give prices over the phone or email as our prices are on the high side; so what my secretary does is give them an appointment and tell them that we have various packages, and that it is important that they meet with the photographer and see the quality and creativity of our work.

When they come to the office we leave them for some minutes in the reception area so they can have a look at the pictures mounted on the wall, and then, when they come to my office I give them all the time they need. By experience now I know that for every quote I need about an hour. As they sit down in front of my desk, behind me they can see all my qualifications, awards and certificates, framed and mounted on the wall. Apart from that, in my office they can also see large pictures framed, with different styles that they normally don't see in other studios as they are custom made. We offer to them drinks and some nibbles and then we start talking about their wedding.


Show them you are capable of doing their wedding.

I will ask them about the church and venue. Then I will show them that they made the right choice in choosing those venues and tell them something nice about the church especially if it has nice architecture. I then tell them how we plan our shooting at that venue. By doing this we are showing that we are capable of shooting their wedding because we know the place and that we know what we have to do to maximise its features.

We show them that we care and want to make their day special. I will give the couple some hints about the preparation, hair, make-up, cars and about organisation. I have a booklet with a list of telephone numbers and email addresses of most of the business shops working in the wedding sector.

Talk about social life.

We talk about where they work, what work they do and generally show interest in what they do. We talk about their hobbies, if they are keen on football or cars, or whatever. When we are talking about these things we get to know what sort of people they are. By talking about all these things also we are putting them at ease because we are showing them that they are not just a number for us and, if they book, they know that they can feel relaxed on their wedding day.

Ask them how they got to know about us.

Why do you think it's important to know from where they got to know about us? It is important, because most of my clients are referrals and if they tell me that Joe and Janet have sent them because I did their wedding, I would say nice things about that couple, how we enjoyed their wedding, that the couple were nice to work with and things like that. We do that because I am sure that the couple in front of me will tell the referrer what I said about them and it increases the likelihood of getting more referrals from that couple. Remember, always, we are doing business. If the couple are responding to some form of advertising it is also important to find out the details as it indicates the success of different methods and locations.

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