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by Charles Zammit Published 01/12/2010


Now, talking about cost is much easier!

Although I know that the couple are anxious to know about our prices, I still haven't mentioned the cost yet (as I said in the beginning, I am on the high side regarding prices, so first I wanted to win the couple's trust). During the time we were talking I will have shown them the various albums we offer and also a presentation of my work and some wedding video. When I see that the couple are happy with what I have shown them and are relaxed, I will bring out the price list. Now it is much easier to explain why I am more expensive than others because I explained in detail how I work and this justifies my price. They know now that, on their wedding day, I will take care of every detail to make their day special. This approach works; about 90% of couples who come in for a consultation eventually book us. From some of those who don't book because of my price, I still get referrals.

The next step in Malta is that two months prior to the wedding we do a pre-wedding shot, some of you call it an engagement shot. For the pre-wedding shot normally we go outside by the seaside or in the countryside. I allow about an hour and a half for this shoot. During the pre-wedding session I repeat most of the things we discussed at the first meeting. It is important that during the session we keep up a conversation - don't let silence win the time. It is crucial that we exchange ideas with the couple because on the pre-wedding shoot we are preparing ourselves for the actual wedding. If you are not relaxed at the session, on the wedding day, the couple will not feel as comfortable. Let them enjoy the pre-wedding. I don't restrict them to any particular location for shooting as many photographers do. The idea is that if they selected the place, it is because they can feel more at ease in it and that will help you too. Imagine if they did not enjoy the pre-wedding session and on the wedding day you ring the bell and they say, "The photographer is here" and the bride will say, "ooff, I hate photography", which means it's going to be a hell of day. But imagine when I ring the bell and I go in, and the bride says, "Hi Charles come on in, I am waiting for you". That will make a lot of difference in the shooting. So that's why in the pre-wedding you give them time to express themselves and let them enjoy it. A week after the shoot they will come again to the studio so that they can select the wedding hall (reception) photograph. It is important that you have done a good job because this picture will leave an impression on everybody at the wedding day.

Once I gained a wedding because the couple were booked with another photographer and when they saw the result of the pre-wedding shoot they decided to cancel the booking and then came to book us. They loved the new pre-wedding shot and then we did their wedding - her brother subsequently booked us for his wedding. All this came about because some other photographer had done a poor job in the pre-wedding shoot. So give this session its importance before the wedding.

Last November I also managed to book the wedding of a couple in which the bride has half of the muscle of her face paralysed. She visited lots of photographers who told her it was impossible to hide her problem, others refused her wedding, others said they would shoot all the photos from one side, others said they would light one side leave the other dark - all sorts of things. When she came to me I noticed her problem but without looking in her face directly I started talking as usual. Then she told me about her problem and how self-conscious she was, and what other photographers said to her. I told her it was not a problem for us and offered her a free trial studio session with no obligations.

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