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by Gordon McGowan Published 01/10/2011


Gordon has been a member of the SWPP for 10 years and he'll be back at the Convention in 2012 to give two superclasses that are restricted to just 15 delegates each, and it's certain that there will be plenty of takers for workshops that are designed to improve wedding photography skills.

"I've decided to restrict the numbers so that I'll have time to go through work properly with the delegates," says Gordon. "They can bring their pictures along in any format they want to - these days I'll often critique images that are shown to me on an iPhone or an iPad - and it will be an opportunity to get some feedback and to share some thoughts about how the images can be improved."A huge fan of what the Societies has done for the industry since it was first set up, Gordon sees a number of benefits for those who attend the Convention. "There is just so much opportunity to learn and to network," he says. "You can enjoy yourself and talk to anyone you want. As someone who is involved in training I find it a great experience: people enjoy what you say to them and you can tell that most of them will take it on board and will appreciate the feedback and advice I'm giving." Always eager to learn new skills and to meet up with fellow professionals, Gordon will be taking the time at the Convention to look out for new names, catch up with old acquaintances and to get along to masterclasses that he thinks will stretch him and take him in new directions.


"The sessions I particularly want to get along to next time around are the ones being run by Bjorn Thomassen," he says. "I have seen Bjorn speak before and I think he's a phenomenal photographer. His poising is fantastic and he's passionate about what he does: he's just the best there is."

Typical Gordon McGowan really: criticism where it's justified and praise for work that hits the spot. For those who are truly serious about learning it's the only approach that works.

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