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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/10/2008


Change starts with bringing the paper back and placing less emphasis on the files. If you must give files, give them only if they purchase a collection including albums and portraits and give the files 6-12 months after the album is completed. When they ask why we keep them so long, we tell them because it takes time to gather everything up again after the order is completed and also since we give a lifetime guarantee on all our products, we want to hold onto our originals as long as possible to make any corrections that may need to be done. This works, trust me. It will also help to get those extra client sales back that have been lacking

Now let's talk about the other important part of change.


It starts with the art. To combat these notions in a competitive field, your images need to have an artistic, edgy, fashion-style slant to them, with aggressive funky posing. Now to do this you must think outside the box. The one thing I have always found is if you build it, they will buy it. I show clients when they come to my studio nothing of a traditional nature or anything that they may have seen at other studios. I try to define my style as unique, edgy, with a New York attitude. They can find traditional anywhere. They cannot find 'art and edge' anywhere. This is where we get our clients back. Through the creative posing, the sharp edge lighting, the expert retouching and of course the paper. When I say 'paper' I mean mix it up. We put pictures on everything you can imagine from regular photographic paper to metallic paper. The main thing, though, it is photographic paper, not inkjet. I do not want to show, or give them, something they do themselves, or get somewhere besides me. And guess what, we still give our clients old fashioned 5x5 proofs in an album. Why do you ask? Simple - it is a tangible item. It is something they can take home and show friends and family. It is my advertisement. We hear several hundred times a year, 'you are the only photographer giving proofs'. We have to have them to show our families.

Another thing we do is display items our clients will not be able to find in other places. Theses items were intended for impact more than anything else. We have displayed a wide array of Acrylic prints and Metal prints. Guess what, these sell as well. We have to do everything we can to show that they can only get different with us as their photographer. Not with printing at home making their own album. People buy art, don't forget that.

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